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No more resellers who buy nothing but combos only to you guessed it resell them on ebay. My DM told me that the company is going in a different direction with the ads.

When is Black Friday this year?

It used to be that I had to sell those damn combos and get a huge gp loss against my performance, now with the new ads I make more money than ever! Most of the customers seem pretty happy that they now have the freedom to select any motherboard of their choosing. A few have voiced their unhappiness, but these are the customers we see every week, buying combos and nothing else to improve our bottom line. This new strategy focuses more on the customers we should be targeting, and not the computer repair guys that only shop Fry's to increase their profits at the expense of ours.

As a "computer repair guy", I guess I should be shopping for whats better for Frys bottom line than mine? I have never used a Frys combo for any of MY computers, but bought quite a few for customer builds that were on a tight budget. As much as people here seem to complain about the ad sales intended to get people in the door because there isn't commission in it for them , they do get people in the door Except for the ad combo sales, Frys cannot compete with online prices, warranty, or return policies.

Quote: "Most of the customers seem pretty happy that they now have the freedom to select any motherboard of their choosing". Nobody twists their arm to buy whats on sale. Frys just isn't competitive on non-sale computer items.

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NewEgg and Amazon walk all over their prices If all you've been buying is combos, then you've cost the store hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars. We're not losing anything if you don't set foot in a Fry's anymore. I like a good deal as much as anyone, but Fry's should take the loss as part of a their marketing expense, rather than expect the salespeople to subsidize the cost of the sale out of their own pockets.

When I buy a sale item Do quotes on sale items count to any goals, etc? Here's a huge list of reasons why you are wrong.

Fry's Electronics Black Friday Motherboard/CPU bundle - Which is the best?

The repair guys still come in and profits ARE soaring. Usually prices are the same or within a couple of bucks one way or another.

The combos on newegg are discounted 15 bucks or so, so when a processor by itself is discounted 20 or 30 bucks, we win. And you can choose your own board. You can bring it back to the store and return it the same day! You don't have to mail it or pay shipping to receive it in the first place. Online companies have to have to give out longer return policies because of the turnaround time. You can come to the store and buy products at will. You don't have to wait for them. Plus our prices are very competitive if not better.

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Here's a few comparisons. Good thing you'll never set foot in fry's again. Plus you only have to pay shipping to receive their items. Good thing you aren't a sucker like the rest of us shopping at fry's. Looks like were going to alienate a ton of people. Skullywag I know I'm being a real dick right now but I get sick of customers who come in and say "i'll just get it from newegg.

Pull up more items and you will see similar results.

Fry's combo deal!

Sometimes you find things like the corsair memory, sometimes you'll find the WD hard drive. But the fact is if it's on sale at fry's is ISN'T cheaper online.

You're just wasting your money and your customers time by buying online. Wow, I did occasionally travel to frys to buy things. I shop the online ads page weekly but only actually travel to frys occasionally. I am not going to travel to find out what prices are, If you wont post them I wont go. Fry's posts the specials for a reason Fry's may lose money on some deals If I was a Fry's manager and saw the posts here from so called employees I would be appalled and heads would roll.

You represent yourself as being affiliated with Fry's.. Guest: Wow, I did occasionally travel to frys to buy things. Perfectly understandable but I'm pretty sure they don't post certain prices because of some contractual thing. A guy in TVs told me that they aren't allowed to show prices that are lower than they are direct from the manufacturer. I just do what I do I spend money like you would not believe, on a weekly basis, on pc parts.

But that point is irrelevant.

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There are a ways to advertise and bring people in, and Frys combo deals were one Yeah, I will buy one for a cheap build for a budget customer. Those non-commission budget shoppers helped Frys clear out old stock that might go unsold I totally understand your beef with the combos I get it. Enjoy it while it lasts. Todays ecomomy dictates lower overhead to maximize profits.

Between online sellers and Walmart Frys has a tough time ahead unless they adapt. If Wally-world opened an electronics chain tommorrow using their same cut rate strategy Frys would be vapor. And don't think it isn't coming It also breaks my heart, I won't be missed at Frys. Think I'll go have a good cry The thing is, those aren't just items I know beforehand or anything.

Those were the first four that came to mind. If you have current examples post them, I can easily find more than you can. The guy that came in yesterday wanted a discount on a board for no reason.

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  6. He just wanted to see if he could get it. When showed him the newegg prices for his stuff, almost everything was was the same price. The patriot memory he wanted was cheaper from them after rebate but our processor was cheaper. I can find tons of examples of this.

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    Also My point is that stores have it so that you can buy it and exchange it instantly. I guess that's not something youre worried about though. As far as tax goes, you can get a reseller account to eliminate paying tax for your products at least at the point of purchase at frys. Fry's doesn't sit on that stuff for that long.

    They would actually order direct from the manufacturer new stock to bring in before the sale. It's not like the combos were strictly to get rid of stuff we couldn't otherwise sell. We'd usually sell out of it at some point and they'd just order more. The idea obviously was to get people to come in and either be upgraded or build a whole computer. Unfortunately it just brought the rest of the department down as a whole.

    I close on fridays, and my sup always asks me to pull numbers at the end of the day.