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The Surface Pro 3 has a stunning 12in screen. Its unique aspect ratio coupled with the cover means it resembles a legal pad or large diary when closed. You get the impression it's sitting there waiting for you to fill the pages of OneNote with ideas and diagrams. Microsoft has cranked up the resolution to x This produces clear, detailed images and also a rich palette of colours. It's right up there with the Retina Display on the iPad Air.

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The large screen means the device is edging more towards laptop territory. As such, web browsing and multimedia playback are a joy. That said, the Pro 3 is not perfect. Cramming three million pixels into such a relatively small surface area poses problems, especially when software is not optimised to make use of them.

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The Surface Pro 3 exhibits the same scaling issues that have plagued other high-res Windows 8. This makes all the Live Tiles, Settings and Charms menus easier to see. One of the highlights - and there are many - of the Surface Pro 3 is the pen input.

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A lot of thought has gone into the design here and the way in which the pen interacts with the device. The tablet promises a natural writing experience, acting as a pen and paper replacement. The standout feature is the ability to activate OneNote at any time even from sleep mode with a click of the purple button on the end. You can start taking notes immediately, be it in a meeting or lecture, without having to unlock the device, which is a real bonus.

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  6. Another click will save the note to the cloud and open up a fresh sheet. However, the best bit is the ability to capture any page on the device and annotate it. Simply double click the pen lid and you'll be presented with an option to print screen or select a portion. Microsoft has made the smart decision to scrap the Touch Cover and focus on the mechanical Type Cover, which aims to provide a laptop-like typing experience. A key feature is the addition of a second magnetic strip on the keyboard. This means you can snap the cover to an angle of six degrees, which makes it much more comfortable to type on.

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    Typing is improved over its predecessors, but it doesn't replicate the full experience of a desktop and laptop keyboard. Feedback is shallow and each key generates an annoyingly loud thud no matter how gently you press it. The increased size of the Touch Cover means the Pro 3 has got a step closer to building a usable trackpad.

    The smooth, glassy finish allows your fingers to glide over the surface and there are properly integrated left-and-right click buttons. Scrolling can get a sticky but it is definitely an improvement. We preferred navigating web pages with the touch screen and only found ourselves using the trackpad when in desktop mode. See the best prices on the Laptop 2 right now in the widget below, or read on for the top deals from Buyers could choose from the platinum, burgundy or cobalt blue versions for the same discount.

    John Lewis offered the same machine for 95p more. We saw a lot of bundle deals, with Microsoft games consoles being packaged in with games from Playerunknown's Battlegrounds to Fallout 76 and Minecraft at a range of retailers. If it's a game you actually want, these can be great buys — if not you're looking at a whole lot of false economy.

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    In we also saw a couple of great console-only deals on the Xbox One X in the US, both in the run-up to the event from Walmart and on the day itself from Amazon. While we predict the best bargains will be appearing on Black Friday itself and some deals to be had on Cyber Monday, there were bundles cropping up in early Black Friday offers last year, so keep your eyes peeled. The widget below pulls in the best current prices in your territory, including any offers. Amazon snuck in with a very slightly cheaper price in time for the day itself.

    This popular deal sold out, and Amazon undercut it slightly on Black Friday itself. Microsoft Office has never been cheap, but we do usually see some Microsoft Black Friday and Microsoft Cyber Monday Office deals to take the sting out of shelling out for Word, Excel and the like. The widget below will pull in the best current prices including any offers , or read on for the best deals of last year.

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    For that you got a one-year subscription to Microsoft Office Home, for up to six people. This version isn't subscription-based — you just need to pay the one off cost. To start with, bookmark this page. We'll be updating this article with all the best Black Friday Microsoft deals and Cyber Monday Microsoft deals as soon as we hear about them, so make sure you check back.

    As well as the Microsoft Store itself, other major retailers are in on the action with some strong offers of their own. And while there'll undoubtedly be plenty of action on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, those aren't the only days you'll be able to snag a deal. We've seen eager retailers rolling out their deals earlier and earlier each year. In , there were competitive deals appearing from early November.

    To make the most of the offers, it's worth checking for add-ons or gift cards that will make your deal even better.

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    It's also worth considering refurbished models. I think this is good value for an used Surface Pro 3 with decent configuration. Comes with keyboard, Pen and case too. Not using the word refurbished as they don't really do actual …. Stock is back in for this deal for all those like me that missed it the first time, but only for the GB.

    Taken from the store rep last time:"These units have not been faulty and then …. The tablet that can replace your laptop. Surface Pro 3 is in a category of its own.

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