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Drop fees can vary wildly, especially for long-distance rentals, but not every drop fee will be prohibitive. We've also seen drop fees of several hundred dollars for longer distances. Car rental car companies determine prices based on supply and demand, which allows them to manage their fleets remarkably well. If your one-way rental takes a vehicle from somewhere it is in demand to somewhere less in demand, the drop fee will likely be hefty.

For example, if you want to pick up a rare 4WD vehicle in snowy Colorado and drive it to Arizona, that will be expensive. We're always searching for the best possible rates, whether you need a round-trip or one-way rental. Restrictions on one-way rentals may exist during high-demand time periods or if the renter wants to cross international borders. In those situations, it may not be possible to find a one-way rental. In periods of exceptional demand, a site manager may restrict the ability to make one-way reservations. For example, during busy holiday periods, the rental car companies may need to keep vehicles in a specific region to meet demand.

Rentals between the U. Most car agencies in the European Union allow one-way rentals across country borders if the car remains in the E. When a rental car company needs to move a fleet of thousands of vehicles from one region to another, it often offers super-low rates to incentivize one-way rentals to or from the desired region.

This is called either a drive-out program or a drive-in program , depending on the direction of the migration. For example, rental companies need to move their convertible cars south for the winter.

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If you want to drive a convertible from Boston to Miami, you can likely find a nice discount in the fall. Cars migrate from the Northeast to the Southeast starting after Labor Day, with rates that are often just a few dollars per day. In the Western U.

Why One-Way Car Rentals Are Usually More Expensive

The opposite patterns occur in the early spring. These promotions are all about timing, so keep your eyes open at the right time of year if you're interested in a long-distance one-way car rental. There are also opportunities to save on shorter-distance one-way rentals. In some cities, rental car companies need to get cars from airports to neighborhood locations or vice versa on certain days of the week to meet consumer demand. Again, this is all about managing supply and demand.

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  7. The goal is to keep a vehicle in use and generating revenue rather than sitting idle in a parking lot all weekend. These specials often work extremely well for business travelers, as the cars move from the airport at the end of the week and to the airport at the beginning of the week.

    Want to save on a one-way car rental?

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    It's just silly not to belong to a loyalty program. Have you accrued free days in National's Emerald Club program?

    2019 BEST TIPS for SAVING ON RENTAL CARS - How to Rent a Vehicle for cheaper Auto rates

    Many personal auto insurance policies cover car rentals as well; call your agent to verify the details on yours. You should also check with your credit card company; some provide automatic collision coverage and other benefits when you pay for a car rental using their card.

    Also be sure to check with your credit card company or auto insurance agent if you plan to rent a car outside of your country of residence. Don't assume you're covered; agreements involving international rentals contain a lot of fine print.

    How to Save on a One-Way Car Rental

    Many North Americans prefer larger cars. Rental companies know this, so they typically keep more mid-size and full-size cars in stock. At smaller facility and non-hub airports, they may have only a few compacts. On some days, they run out entirely. Sometimes you can move up two entire categories for no additional charge.

    In larger facilities with a huge supply of vehicles, this strategy rarely works. But it could be worth a try if you can handle the prospect of driving a smaller car. You're also unlikely to make this strategy pay outside of North America. The rest of the world often prefers small, fuel-efficient cars.

    A Guide to 1-Way Car Rental in Portugal

    Strange as it might seem, reserving a car for a week even if it sits in a driveway or parking lot may cost less than trying to get a daily rate on a shorter rental. For that reason, it pays to try a number of combinations when you consider your rental period. You could get a better rate if you pick up the car on Thursday, even if you don't really need it until Friday. The Friday rental might come with a weekend surcharge, increasing the total cost to more than it would be with a weekday pickup.

    Your Costco card may also entitle you to a rental discount. And watch for coupons in local promotional mailers and online. You may also be able to apply travel points accrued through a credit card to lower the cost of a car rental. Some of the best rental rates originate on "Special Offers" pages from individual companies. Tripsavvy uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using Tripsavvy, you accept our.

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